Michael Norton
Winning Words

Merging onto the highway of grace

A friend of mine had recently posted his frustrations about someone not thanking him for allowing them to merge into the traffic ahead of him. No wave, no thank you, they just moved on and into the …
Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Enjoy the journey on a search for the worst

Recently, Turner Classic Movies showed what many consider the worst movie ever made. “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” directed by Edward D. Wood Jr., and starring Bela Lugosi who died during …
Patricia Kummer
Financial Strategies

Economic outlook has hopeful signs

We have endured COVID-19 for a full year already. Many anxiously wait for the vaccine and the ability to visit friends and family, eat out and travel again. Unfortunately, turning the page on the …
Coming Attractions

Stars rising in Lakewood talent show

One of the things so many have been yearning for during the last year is a sense of the familiar — the comfort of things that have been happening year after year and can be counted on to deliver …

Michael Norton
Winning Words

Accountability by any other name is still accountability

“There I was, alone in the kitchen, 30 days into the New Year and my personal goal of shedding 25 pounds by the summer. Working from home has been a gift and a struggle. Like most, the ease of …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Fey fails to do her job

Fey fails to do her job On Feb. 9, the Littleton City Council discussed the dire circumstances concerning the city’s finances. Littleton voters place great responsibility on each councilmember to …

Letter to the editor: Council’s gun storage law applauded

Council’s gun storage law applauded As a gun owner in Littleton, I want to personally thank the Littleton City Council for passing the safe storage law for local gun retailers. This critical law …

Letter to the editor: Fey’s silence says something

Fey’s silence says something I was dismayed by Littleton City Council Member Carol Fey’s silence at the Feb. 9 city council study session. The main focus of the study session was the fiscal …

Letter to the editor: No one deserves to be doxxed

No one deserves to be doxxed The recent article about the state employee who was “doxxed” was heartbreaking, horrifying, appalling…you name it. That she and her family have to live in terror …

Letter to the editor: Letter writer was cherry-picking

Letter writer was cherry-picking On Jan. 6, 2021, my wife and I went to Washington, D.C., to protest, in our opinion, a stolen presidential election; paying our own way to exercise our First …
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