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The anatomy of a cancer cure

Local women share stories of strength, courage and survival


A surgical biopsy of Rosemary’s breast had revealed a 2-centimeter, estrogen sensitive infiltrating tumor in March, 2010. Thanks to a multi-pronged attack on the root causes of cancer and an aggressive supplement protocol lead by Life Extension, a lumpectomy conducted 72 days later found the breast cancer gone and nothing adverse in three lymph nodes. Rosemary is now over seven years cancer-free. We credit success to three major factors: psychological improvements, dietary changes and alternative medicine.

Everyone is conditioned to the fear of cancer. When the diagnosis comes, deciding what to do is enormously stressful, and time is short. Who is sufficiently expert to give reliable advice ? Most of us rely on professionals. But when cancer research of 50 years has netted two percent reduction in rates of abatement, are doctors to be credited ? Can we rely on surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, a suite of costly procedures motivated first by the financial insecurity of the medical establishment ? Is it offered because they have nothing better ? Shown the abasement of femininity that mastectomy promises, and the horrors of scarring and maiming that accompany breast reconstruction, we decided to take our chances with a whole-body approach. It is clearly not for everyone, as it is a leap of faith, described here for your consideration. We did establish a fall-back plan: getting ready to spend whatever it would take to go to a specialty clinic.

Knowing the power of the mind over the wellness of the body, we acknowledge that prolonged worry over an under-water mortgage may have triggered the disease, a cause that fortuitously vanished with a short-sale. In case we might have to go to some costly cancer clinic, we raised a large sum of money by doing a reverse mortgage on our primary residence. We decided to get our spiritual house in order by joining a positive, supportive church and by offering and asking for prayers. Rosemary put a big sign on the refrigerator saying, “I love life more than food”. Almost daily tele-conferences with Dr. Nemorov rounded out the vital sources of HOPE to replace the FEAR that traditional medicine has planted in all our minds.

Learning how diet influences cancer lead to several changes. Because cancer thrives on sugar, we virtually eliminated all sources, including high-glycemic wheat and corn. We substituted sugar with stevia and xylitol. Because excessive animal protein is cancer-associated, we reduced portions of meat, fish, eggs and dairy to total no more than 3 ounces per day. Most days we eat none. Those meats we eat must be grass-fed or wild, so as to avoid added hormones, thus controlling estrogen. Leafy and cruciferous greens and good grains became dominant in our diet, along with nuts, garlic, ginger and turmeric for flavors as well as nutrition.

The program of supplements we could never have found without the advice of Dr. Nemerov of Life Extension, and we doubtless exceeded his minimum protocol. After years of HRT, Rosemary discontinued to limit estrogen, and even took chrysin to block conversion from testosterone to estrogen. We adopted many immune-boosting supplements, including intravenous Vitamin C (100g, 3 times per week), low-dose

Naltrexone (4.5 mg/d) and nightly Melatonin (20 mg). Super Bio-Curcumin, Mega Green Tea Extract and Triple-Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract became staples of ours, along with Optimized Resveritrol. Added benefits were received from IP6, Glutamine, Genistein and Lactoferrin. Killer-cell activity was boosted with Coliolus Mushroom Extract. Modified Citrus Pectin, Tagamint and Silibinin were taken to coat aberrant cancer cells and to prevent adhesion. Others blocked metastasis and angio-genesis. The cost of such supplements ($300-400 per month) is miniscule compared to traditional prescriptions, radiation and chemotherapy, not to mention less damaging.

The research of such notable cancer survivors as Suzanne Somers and Dr. Lorraine Day are gratefully acknowledged, but nowhere is comprehensive advice more readily available at modest cost than it is at Life Extension. How much more valuable would be their services if the FDA would support opening Life Extension’s clinical hospital, where more advanced treatments could be provided.

Examinations and tests for cancer markers followed regularly for five years, and are continuing annually. Since the seventh anniversary of cancer-free existence, we can gratefully say that the alternative treatments that eliminated the tumor continue with modifications to safeguard against recurrence. Rosemary has already shared the experience with hundreds of women, and is always available to give hope to those who suffer or are at risk of cancer.



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