Sen. Newell applauds graduates at Fremont Correctional Facility


Sen. Linda Newell (D-Littleton) congratulated 150 inmates of the Fremont Correctional Facility at their graduation ceremony in Canon City.

At Fremont, the inmates have the ability to pursue their GED or associate’s degree from Adams State College. Inmates also have the opportunity to receive vocational training in janitorial services, welding, machine shop and other skills.

“Our justice system is based on principles of fairness and responsibility,” Newell said.

“People who commit crimes must receive the punishment they are due under the law, but we also need to provide them with tools they can use to leave crime behind and become productive citizens when returning to our communities. It not only benefits them, but their future neighbors and society”

“The Three State Recidivism Study,” a 1997 study commissioned by the United States Department of Education, found that, “simply attending school behind bars reduces the likelihood of reincarceration by 29 percent. Translated into savings, every dollar spent on education returned more than two dollars to the citizens in reduced prison costs.”

Newell continued, “Programs that allow prison inmates to receive education are one of the most cost-effective solutions to managing recidivism. It is encouraging seeing these graduates and hearing about the work they've done. It reminds me of the importance of supporting these programs, for the benefit of the state and its people.”


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