Littleton collection shows nearby photo opportunities


Chatfield State Park, Red Rocks, Trailmark, Roxborough State Park, Deer Creek Canyon and Frisco — most near to photographer Andy Marquez’s home in Roxborough — offered beautiful subjects for him.

That’s especially true early in the morning, as the light begins to come up, highlighting natural forms, and the sky glows pink. In that special light, a clump of grass or small shrub is lovely to look at. Artists and photographers may get a new perspective on looking at the world just outside the front door.

Former Littleton businessman Marquez has returned to downtown Littleton after a stay in Denver’s Museum District and has opened a gallery in Suite 206 at 2329 W. Main Street in the Littletown Building (the historic I.W. Hunt Building, which was once an auto showroom, when Main Street was auto transportation-focused, with numerous sales and repair businesses).

A new exhibit of these local images, “Winter’s Farewell Serenade,” will be open May 17 (5-8 p.m.); May 18 (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) Marquez said someone will be in the lobby of the building to ensure admittance at those times.

He is holding workshops for photographers, which include a field trip plus a one-on-one two-hour session on composition, light, shadow and reflection.

His experience in world travel photography, as well as in capturing wildlife and natural images locally, will influence his presentation.

On May 13, the field trip location is Roxborough Park, and in June it’s Downtown Denver. For information, call 303-797-6040 or see


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