Hearing in stabbing rescheduled


The attorney for Jose Murillo, accused in a 2012 stabbing, said on June 3 that he doesn’t intend to make an issue of Murillo’s competency, and asked that his review and extradition hearings be rescheduled for next month.

Murillo sustained serious head injuries last June 10, when he allegedly attacked a gas-station attendant who fought back. Last December, attorney Andres Guevara said the damage was preventing Murillo from being able to assist in his own defense. He said Murillo’s mental state had declined since he got out of a hospital, and asked for more time to get him evaluated.

According to Littleton police, surveillance video shows Murillo and alleged accomplice Nicholas Zapata bursting into Littleton Neighborhood Food and Gas, 1009 W. Littleton Blvd. Detective Russell Hoffman testified that Murillo immediately went behind the counter, where clerk Eric Barzideh, the store owner’s son, was stooped over counting lottery tickets.

Murillo allegedly began stabbing the clerk with what Hoffman described as a paring knife. Barzideh reacted quickly, said Hoffman, grabbing a claw hammer off the counter and fighting back.

Murillo hit the floor shouting “stop,” said Hoffman, and Zapata ran out the door. Barzideh immediately called 911. He and Murillo were both taken to local hospitals.

The clerk underwent open-heart surgery and recovered quickly, according to his father, Bijan Barzideh.

Zapata was arrested without incident three days later at the Littleton Light Rail Station.

Judge Marilyn Antrim set Murillo’s next hearing for July 15. Zapata is scheduled to appear in court again on June 7.


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