My name is...Amy Kozdron

Littleton native, store owner


About me

I’m a Littleton native and I own The Pink Attic Cat vintage shop on Rapp Street. I lived in Denver for a couple years and Englewood for a couple years. Now we live next to the cemetery. The overall aesthetic of a small downtown is appealing. I like the fact that I live close by. If I want to walk to work I can.

A career in vintage items

I was a stay-at-home mom to two sons before I opened my store 13 years ago. My love of vintage items started with my grandparents. They used to take us for rides on Sundays and we’d end up in some little town somewhere looking at junk shops and bottle stores. It’s in my blood.

Finding new items

I like picking a lot, going out and looking for stuff for the shop. Sometimes we go to really terrible places. We were just in a building that had been closed for 40 years. It was a furniture store. There was gross stuff in there. We have found amazing things in the weirdest places. We travel between here and Michigan, where my husband’s family lives. There’s this place that’s literally called The Junk Shop and we stop there on the way. It’s like 20 acres of stuff and you have to go dig around and you never know what you’re going to find. It’s so cool.


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